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Welcome fellow cyclist! We are Maikel & Stefan and we are brothers. We started The Pack in 2019 with our Essentials Case. We did this to solve one of our biggest struggles in cycling; keeping our phone and other essentials safe, but still separated. The case we came up with is 19cm x 8cm and features a phone holder, a coin and key pocket, card slot and a big main pouch for your bigger essentials such as a spare inner tube, tyre levers, multi-tool and a CO2 canister. The Pack Essentials Case can fully replace your saddle bag or accompany it on your biketrips. The case is made of high quality waterproof material and also features a colour matched waterproof zipper with an easy to use puller. The case can battle any weather condition you might encounter.

We have multiple different designs, find your favourite below!


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Protect your phone

from rain and sweat

  • The Pack Essentials Case | Basic Blue
  • The Pack Essentials Case | Basic Black
  • The Pack Phone Case | Stealth Black

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our cases

  • The Pack Essentials Case | Basic Green
  • The Pack Essentials Case | Basic Beige
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