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We are Maikel & Stefan and we are two brothers from The Netherlands. In late 2019 we started The Pack with our handy Essentials case. Now we are proud to present our handlebar bags to you! A handlebar bag is the ultimate way to store your items while cycling. They will help to keep your pockets empty, while still having it all within reach while riding.


Our smaller companion

The Snack Bag

Never run out of space again to store your snacks, with our The Pack Snack Bag. No need to stuff your pockets anymore until they almost rip. With a 2L volume (21 x 11 cm), you have plenty of space to store all your cycling essentials. Our Snack Bag easily fits your phone, wallet, inner tyres, snacks and other accessories.

Our Snack Bag easily attaches to your handlebars with our extremely durable Fixplus+ straps. Taking the bag off is just as simple, and with the included over the shoulder strap, you can bring the bag wherever you want.

When you finish all those snacks you brought in the bag, you can leave the wrappers in the net on the left side of the bag.

The Snack Bag features a Velcro side, which allows you to customize the bag to your own taste with a patch! The bag comes with our logo included, and we offer other awesome patches in our shop.


The Pack Snack Bag | Handlebar Bag

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Handlebar Bags

  • The Pack AWG | Handlebar Bag
    Original price was: €64,95.Current price is: €59,95.
  • The Pack Snack Bag | Handlebar Bag | Forest Green
    Original price was: €44,95.Current price is: €39,95.
  • The Pack Snack Bag | Handlebar Bag | Gravel Dust
  • The Pack Snack Bag | Handlebar Bag | Dark Charcoal

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AWG Line

AWG stands for All Weather Gear. This line is made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions: from wet and windy to dry and dusty. No matter what you throw at it, the bag will keep everything you keep in it dry and clean.

AWG products are made of waterproof materials with taped seams and have a waterproof reflective YKK zip, making the bags resistant to all types of weather. This particular material was chosen because it is super easy to clean so you can keep it looking good even after using it in the worst conditions.

These bags are an ideal way to transport stuff waterproof. All bags have a functional interior due to its pockets.

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AWG Line

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  • The Pack AWG | Frame Bag
  • The Pack AWG | Handlebar Bag
    Original price was: €64,95.Current price is: €59,95.