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Imagine being a zebra running through the African wildlands: you’re free, agile and fast. However, you’re not running, but cycling (and you’re probably also not in Africa). Still, that feeling of being free and fast is something every cyclist will recognize. The Zebra Essentials Case will assist you in that feeling. The Zebra Essentials Case is waterproof and has special compartments where you can store all your riding essentials. It has a separate space for your phone, cash, a card and still has enough room for an inner tyre, a multitool and a CO2 canister. And most importantly: it fits snugly in your jersey pocket. Join The Pack, then we will make sure to have your back!

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The Pack is a one size fits all, high quality essentials case that fits snugly in your jersey pocket. The Pack is waterproof and has useful compartments to store your valuable belongings. It has been designed so that even the largest smartphones fit.

The outside dimensions of The Pack are 18 x 9 cm (7 x 3,5 inch). This makes it that all modern smartphones fit inside The Pack together with your other riding essentials!

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Additional information

Weight55 g
Dimensions18 × 9 × 3 cm

Water resistant
Phone holder
Cash holder
Card slot
Big main compartment
Stylish design
Suits big phones


Black, white, orange

8 reviews for The Pack Essentials Case | Zebra

  1. Laura (verified owner)

  2. Bartosz Guca (verified owner)

    Super gadget 🙂

  3. Rony (verified owner)

    absolutely ok!

  4. Sven van Asperen (verified owner)

    Erg goed tasje, waar ik mijn telefoon weer veilig in op kan bergen.

  5. Kate S. (verified owner)

    Looks great, fits loads and keeps all the essentials dry 👍

  6. Herman Wouters (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I wish I had bought it earlier. Size is perfect, I can take all I want in it, including my phone.

  8. Alex

    Superhandig product! Alle essentiële zaken passen er eenvoudig in en daardoor houd je ruimte over in de andere shirtzakken. Ik ga niet weg meer zonder.

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