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premium clothing made in Europe

The most premium clothing for a less than premium price! Our The Pack Clothing is made from the finest Italian fabrics, making the garment a perfect combination of style, comfort and technicality.

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The Pack Bar bag

Our The Pack bar bag is the ultimate way to store all your stuff during long rides. The bag was tested for many hours, and redesigned multiple times based on our own experience. The unique design of the bar bag makes it incredibly easy to detach from the bike, after which it can be used as a cross body bag.

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Essentials Cases

  • The Pack Essentials Case | Gravel Dust
  • The Pack Essentials Case | Dark Charcoal
  • The Pack Essentials Case | Green Blocks
  • The Pack Essentials Case | Blue Blocks

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Phone case

The case is made from high quality, waterproof materials with padded sides to protect your phone from rain, sweat, mud and dust. The inside is lined with soft materials to avoid scratching and rubbing when putting your phone in, or removing it from the case. The case comes in a stylish all black design, with a rubberized logo on the outside and an debossed logo on the inside. The waterproof hidden zipper adds to the stealth look of the case, while providing additional protection.

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