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The Pack x Eddie Mosa

By 14 March 2021No Comments

The Pack x Eddie Mosa is a limited edition collaboration for which all proceeds will go to a good cause.

This limited edition Essentials case is designed by Edo Maas (or Eddie Mosa): a Dutch art student and former cyclist for the Team Sunweb (now Team DSM) academy.


Edo was a very promising young rider, until a horrific crash in the U23 edition of the Tour of Lombardy ended his career abruptly. Due to the crash, Edo suffered a paraplegia and was unable to cycle again.

Edo is now studying art, and uses his art as a relief and a distraction from cycling.

Maikel & Stefan: Edo, what an awesome design! How did you come up with it?

Edo:  Thanks! Because The Pack already works with different prints on cases, I wanted to stick with that. Also, I wanted there to be some link to cycling; that’s how I came up with this particular print.

Maikel & Stefan: what do you think of the result?

Edo: I’m really happy with it! Especially the colours really make the case; really bright and out there! You’ll always have a good story when you take this case out of your back pocket.

Maikel & Stefan: you have a pretty outspoken style, where does that come from?

Edo: for as long as I can remember, I have been drawing moving bodies. Often I draw them in weird proportions, preferably also a bit bigger. That often comes back in my art and makes it easy to recognize.

Maikel & Stefan: where do you draw your inspiration from?

Edo: I get my inspiration from a lot of different things. I like making art that is politically engaged; I try to keep up with politics as much as I can and I can get really upset by a lot of different topics. I use my art to express my opinion about these things. Besides that I look a lot at other artists like Cleo Peterson, Iwan Smit or Piet Parra. But also in the streets I run into a lot of cool things like stickers on lampposts, graffiti tags, posters or other street art.

Maikel & Stefan: do you get your inspiration from cycling as well?

Edo: no, not necessarily, I like to keep art and cycling apart from each other. I used my art more as a distraction over the last year to not think too much about cycling and everything else.

Maikel & Stefan: where you always drawing and making stuff?

Edo:  yes definitely! When I was in middle school, I was killing off a lot of time with drawing. And in the years after, I kept doing it. Next to cycling I then started to print clothing for friends, and that’s how I started with Eddie Mosa.

Maikel & Stefan:  in what area do you see your future? Would you like to continue as an artist, or maybe something different?

Edo: I’m following the study Illustration at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. It’s a pretty broad study, so you can still go in a lot of directions later. I would love to do autonomous projects and not constantly having to work on assignments. I don’t really have any specific goals for now, I am just going to continue doing what I do for a few years and then we’ll see.

Maikel & Stefan:  to which cause are the proceeds of this collaboration going?

Edo: The proceeds will go to rehabilitation centre ‘De Hoogstraat’ in Utrecht. This is the place where I spent 5 months of my rehabilitation after my accident. They are going to use the money to organize skiing trips for people in rehabilitation.

Maikel & Stefan:  why this cause in particular?

Edo: in 2020, I joind one of the skiing trips with ‘De Hoogstraat’ and thought it was a fantastic experience. In the rehabilitation centre, a lot of people have a tough time. The skiing trip gave me a goal again to live towards. And once I was on the trip, it offered me a lot of perspective: you notice that going on holiday is still perfectly possible, you can still do amazing sports and you see that your disability is not the end of the world. I would for ‘De Hoogstraat’ to be able to do to this yearly, so that hopefully more people in similar situations can experience this.

Maikel & Stefan:  Edo, thanks again for the awesome design and we hope we can raise a lot of money for this amazing cause!

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